Italians are known for their family recipes. Recipes passed down from generation to generation. Limoncello is one of those recipes we are lucky to have because of family (and delicious lemons of course).

Amalfi Coast

Where Limoncello Began

There are many different stories on the origin of this Italian liquor.

The first started with a sweet lady in Capri. Her lemon trees were her pride and she used her lemons to create a liquor for guests. After WWII her grandson, inspired by her recipe, opened a bar and began selling her liquor. 

Another story says, in Sorrento, it was made by the upper class to impress wealthy guests. 

There is even a story from the middle ages, which explains that fisherman would drink it in the morning to warm up.

The bottom line is, we can thank the Italians for the delicious drink.

Precision Is Key

The sweet liquor has been around for over one hundred years, but the adult version of a delicious lemonade is anything but easy to make. As with many Italian recipes, it takes a lot of love and precision to make the taste delicious. 

Lemons on a lemon tree - limoncello

Picking the Right Lemons

It all begins with the lemons. Yes, you can use any lemons you find, but just like a key lime pie tastes better with key limes, limoncello tastes best with the lemons of Capri, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. These lemons have a thicker skin, are more sweet and intense and provide the perfect flavor.  

How and When to Enjoy Limoncello

Enjoying a limoncello is a treasured time in Italy. Served before a meal (apertif) or after a meal (digestif), chilled but not over ice.

Using a limoncello glass to serve the drink. Similar to a shot glass, these glasses offer the perfect amount of liquor to accompany your meal. 

Make Your Own

Now the fun part, here’s a recipe from Italy Magazine. Try making your own Limoncello. 

While you are waiting for the limoncello to decant, buy some great limoncello glasses to serve your guests. 

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