From perfectly hung lights, to the stunning decor in your home, elegance at Christmas is luxurious. Our Perla Natale Dinnerware Collection puts an elegant flair on your dining table. 

The beautiful pearlized stoneware is adorned with an elegant 24-karat gold on each organic piece. The unique shapes and gold touches make our Perla Natale Collection a beautiful way to set your dining table each holiday meal.

The delicate details, painted in 24-karat gold, are an exquisite take on Christmas Dinnerware. Elegance and luxury at its finest. 

Our Perla Natale Christmas Dinnerware Collection is a beautiful addition to your elegant table decor. Each piece will bring luxury and beauty to your table. To complete the look, pair it with our Perla Dinnerware Collection.

Looking for the perfect gift for your family and friends? Our Christmas Curated Box is a great way to send love this Christmas!

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