You use your glassware everyday, but do you really know what each piece is meant to serve.

Each piece of glassware in your kitchen and bar has a purpose.

Whether you are starting a collection or only use a few from your current collection. It’s helpful to know what type of glass to use with each different drink.

Let’s look at them all individually to see how and when to use each one.

Water glasses come in many different shapes and sizes. From tall and stemless to stemmed and elegant. 

Water glasses are a great way to serve everything from water to tea and soda. 

Adding a stemmed water glass to your table adds instant elegance and can boost the meal from casual to luxurious.

Tumblers are a universal glass that provide a great way of serving any iced beverage. 

The flat bottomed glass is a simple way to serve water, juice or your favorite cocktail.

Tall skinny glass perfect for serving cocktails with mixers. 

Each glass holds 8-12 oz and is a great way to serve cocktails on the rocks. The glass shape is perfected for carbonation and keeping the drink cold. 

This is a great addition to any bar and works well for a multitude of cocktails.


The Double Old Fashioned glass is named after the old fashion cocktail, but is also known as a lowball glass. A double old fashioned glass holds 12-14 oz is double the size of a typical old fashioned glass which holds 6-8 oz.

This glass is shorter than your highball glass but perfect for serving spirits, neat or with a bit of ice.

The wide glass and flat base provide a sturdy base for muddling and mashing non-liquid ingredients used in certain cocktails. 

The perfect glass to serve your favorite red wines. 

Red wine glasses are typically large bowl and wide opening, These characteristics allow the wine’s bitterness and tannins to lessen so you can enjoy the smooth taste. 

White wine glasses tend to have small bowls and a smaller opening. This allows the wine’s aroma to be more prevalent and keeps the wine cooler.

Wine glasses are available in both stemmed and stemless. Allowing you to have many different shapes, sizes and details.

Perfect for celebrating your special occasions. Champagne glasses are created to keep your bubbly cool and carbonated. 

Champagne glasses come in many shapes and sizes from fluted to coupe. As with wine glasses, varying the many shapes and sizes can create a fun collection for your bar.

Originating on the Amalfi coast, limoncello is an Italian favorite. And serving your limoncello is a breeze with the right cup.

Small shot glass size glasses are the perfect way to serve your limoncello in style. From fun designs to simple beauty, limoncello glasses are made to fit your personality and decor. 

Serving drinks is easy when you know which glass to grab. Complete your collection with one style or vary the sizes, color and style for a fun and vibrant set. The options are endless!

Pair your dinnerware with beautiful glassware to create a memorable and beautiful tablescape. Showcase your personality and begin your collection of heirloom pieces to pass down through the years.

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