Today, we are going to break down our dinnerware collections, piece-by-piece. 

You use it everyday, but do you really know the differences of the many pieces in your dinnerware? Are you looking to build your dinnerware collection? 

For this breakdown of the pieces of our dinnerware collections, we will be using our most popular collection, our Lastra Dinnerware Collection in red and gray.

European Dinner Plate

If you’ve been perusing our shop at all, you will often see a “European Dinner Plate” mixed in with the other items. These European dinner plates are very similar to the typical dinner plate but smaller. 

Our European dinner plates average 10.5″ in diameter. These look beautiful stacked on the typical dinner plate for your meal. They are also great for keeping your portion sizes smaller.

Dinner Plate

In addition to our European Dinner Plates, we also offer your typical dinner plate.

These typically average 12″  in diameter. Making them a bit larger than our European dinner plates.

Stacking our dinner plate with the European dinner plate makes a great table setting especially when colors are varied. 

Salad Plate

The salad plate is pretty self-explanatory.  A salad plate is a beautiful way to serve a salad with your meal.

The salad plate typically sits on top of the dinner plate when a salad is served prior to the main meal. If a salad is the main meal, use the dinner plate to serve your salad.

Our salad plates are typically 7 – 9″ in diameter. As with the other plates, these are a great way to vary the colors in your dinnerware.

Pasta Bowl

Pasta bowls are a shallow bowl with a lip. These are a great way to serve any part of your meal.

With a simple lip, the contents of your meal will stay on the plate. Salads work well in a pasta bowl as do pastas, and small meals. 

Our pasta bowls are generally 8.75″ in diameter and provide an alternative to your salad plate or an addition to your collection.

Cereal Bowl

Cereal bowls are deep bowls that are great for serving foods with liquid.

From cereal to soup, these bowls allow plenty of height and width to accommodate the meal.

Our cereal bowls are typically 6″ wide and 3″ deep. While these are not used at all meals, these are a beautiful addition to your dinnerware and another great way to pop a color variation.

Canape Plate

Canape plates are a great way to serve your appetizers and hors d’œuvre in style.

Serving your appetizers on a beautiful larger dish and using the canape plates for each guest makes a striking impression for your meal.

Each of our canape plates is approximately 6″ in diameter. Giving ample space to place a few appetizers without overcrowding.

Espresso Cup and Saucer

Espresso after a meal or in the morning looks beautiful with a matching cup and saucer. 

Give yourself and your guests a boost in a luxurious way. 

Typically smaller than a coffee cup, our  espresso cups are approximately 3″ and are a beautiful addition to your place setting. 

Jumbo Coffee Cup

Looking for more than a smaller espresso cup?

Our jumbo coffee cups allow you to serve coffee or tea in modern style with plenty of room to spare.

Our jumbo cups are typically 4.75″ wide and 3.25″ high. These are a great way to serve your guests their coffee and tea in a matching or varied color from the rest of your dinnerware collection.


Looking for a more traditional way to serve your coffee and tea?

Our mugs are a beautiful addition to your dinnerware collection. These look great on your table or as a display near your coffee maker.

Our mugs are 4″ and bring a completed look to your place setting.

Dinnerware Service for Four

Do you prefer to have the whole basic set?

Our Dinnerware Service for Four allows you to purchase a set (or two) of dinnerware to start your set.

Each set includes: 

  • Four (4) Dinner Plates
  • Four (4) Salad Plates
  • Four (4) Pasta Bowls
  • Four (4) Cereal Bowls

Start with one color or mix and match the sets. Then add the other items available to build your full set.

Each piece in your dinnerware collection has a specific purpose. Your dinnerware choices, make serving and showcasing your meals a breeze.

With an extensive collection, you are sure to have the pieces you need for any meal you can create.

Mix and match to create a dinnerware collection that brings your personality to the table for each meal. Create your heirloom dinnerware collection and let your personality pass down from generation to generation.

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