Each year, Pantone picks their “Color of the Year”. For 2021, they picked two colors. Each color compliments the other in a way that opposites attract. 

The bold and bright “Illuminating” yellow in contrast to the calm and neutral “Ultimate Gray”. The combination brings a bit of both worlds into your life. 

Taking these color choices and making them work in your home can be a fun way to change up your decor and have fun re-decorating. 

Some people love to jump right in and completely change their decor, walls and furniture to reflect the color choices.

Others prefer to experiment with accessories, by adding a few colors to their existing palette. 

Whatever direction you tend toward, we have some fun options for making the Pantone colors work in your home. 


The bright bold yellow is a color you can love or hate.

If you love the yellow, it is a great way to bring a pop of color into a room in a fun and cheerful way.

If you hate the color, pass on down to the Ultimate Gray section.

One of the best ways, to bring the bright yellow into your home is on a more neutral color palette. 

Illuminate looks great in combination with grays, blacks, browns and blues.

Mix up the combinations and you can make a bold change in your home even on a budget.

Simple additions can make a big impact on the look and feel of your room.

Even something as simple as yellow flowers in a vase or lemons in a bowl can bring the yellow to any room in your home. 

Ultimate Gray

Bringing a calm, neutral color into your home is easy to do. Because it will work well with many other colors, it’s a great way to repaint a room without taking a big risk. 

Gray is a great neutral to use as a wall color, furniture, and also for accessories. 

Ultimate Gray looks wonderful with yellow, red, blue, black and even golds.

Adding metals into your decor is a great way to bring the gray into your home with a fun and distinct piece.

Gray furniture is timeless and is a great way to incorporate the gray into your decor.

Add bold pillows and blankets and your room will transform.

Whether you are going for a full rework of a room or just adding a few accessories, the Pantone Colors of the Year are a great way to find inspiration for your new palette. 

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