The world knows that the craftsmanship of Italian artisans is second to none. The love, devotion and pride they take in each piece has been passed on for generations. Each craft is perfected and beautified to ensure the highest quality products. Our Italian Artisan made dinnerware is unique and made to last through generations.

What makes the products made by Italian artisans worth the initial upfront cost?

Buying Italian made products is an investment. Because of the devotion to quality and the unique, luxurious final products, the price for Italian products costs more than the factory made pieces you find in most departments stores. 

This higher price tag may seem daunting at first glance, but when you take into account the quality of the product, you will see that the cost breakdown over the years is worth the investment. 

Comparison Department Store v. Italian Made Dinnerware

Take for instance a typical department store price for a 16 piece, service for 4, basic white, dinnerware set. These basic sets run, on average, $130.00. Our 16 piece, service for 4, white dinnerware set is $592.00

Why is our Italian dinnerware so much more expensive?

The quality and craftsmanship.

The white set found in a department store is more than likely made in a factory on machines. These machines are used to ensure that the pieces are made quickly so they can be packaged and shipped to the stores. Each piece is exactly the same as the others in the box and the quality is dependent on making sure their items move quickly and inexpensively from start to finish.

Our Italian made dinnerware, on the other hand, is crafted and painted by hand and each piece is unique. There are quality controls setup to ensure that size and shape are unified, but the individual pieces are crafted by Italian artisans one-by-one. This ensures the high quality final product. Plus, the detail and unique qualities of each piece give your dinnerware a feature you cannot find in the cheaper dinnerware sets.

Our dinnerware is also crafted to last through generations. If you breakdown the cost of our 16 piece set of white dinnerware over twenty years the cost per year is only $29.60.

Take into account that your cheaply made dinnerware will need to be replaced more frequently and the initial cost of a nicer set does not seem so steep.

What type of detail do the pieces have?

We offer over 15 collections of Italian dinnerware and each of them brings a unique set to your table.

The detail in even our most simple dinnerware collections is apparent. The final shape and edging brings a beautiful uniqueness to each piece. 

For a more intricate detail, our bold designs showcase the precise work of the Italian artisans throughout the dinnerware collection. 

We have the benefit of selling these beautifully crafted pieces to our customers. Allowing you to bring the craftsmanship of the Italian artisans into your home. 

You will be amazed by the quality and craftsmanship of each piece. The investment is worth it, as it will last for generations to come. 

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