In 2001, we dug deep into our roots and decided to open an e-commerce store that sold only items made in Italy. 

At the time, e-commerce was only just beginning. Never did we imagine it would take off and develop into the “normal” way to shop. 

Our concept, from the beginning, was to sell Italian made products to our customers. Home decor items and especially our kitchen products started to sell well and soon our interior design side of the business began blooming. 

For our interior design projects, we were using both the Italian made items that were sold on our store as well as some non-Italian vendors. 

In an effort to give our online customers the option of buying the beautiful pieces we were using in our design houses, we began selling items that were not made in Italy and saw success with that as well. 

Over the years, however, our hearts called us back to our original plan of only selling those items made in Italy. 

We finalized our decision this year, and began the rework of our storefront.

We’ve now almost completely moved to our original concept. Although you will still find some non-Italian made items in our clearance/overstock section the rest of the site is all Italian made products. 

In making this change, we feel that we are going back to our roots and heritage. We pride ourselves on selling products that are of the finest quality of craftsmanship. Each piece adds a bit of elegance and luxury to your home. Our products are meant to be statement pieces that last a lifetime. 

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