Fall is officially here and the autumn interior design trends are showing up everywhere. 

Fall is a great time to make a change in your home décor, even if it is just a few pieces.  Or if you are brave, and ready to jump all in, you can make the big changes and get a whole new look this season. 

Whatever amount of change you plan to do, here are the best new trends for fall.

Fall, Autumn Interior Design Trends 2021

Vintage Modern Mix - Autumn Interior Design Trends 2021

Vintage and Modern Mix

Mixing vintage, classic, or heirloom pieces in a modern room creates a warm, welcoming feeling to the room. Or take your vintage pieces and add a fun, unexpected, modern accent to the room and add bit of playfulness.

One eye-catching piece can add a new dynamic to any room. 

Cozy Fabrics - Autumn Interior Design Trends 2021

Cozy Fabrics

Fall is the season for warm and cozy. The cooler weather is a great excuse to bring in more cozy fabrics and textures. From blankets to furniture. Texture and warm, cozy, natural materials are a big trend this season. 

Add a new woven blanket to a couch, for a quick change. Or go all out with a new velvet piece of furniture. Bonus points if there are brass accents. 

Warm, Earth Tones

Every fall is an excuse to bring in some warm colors. Earth tones are a great combination with the warm, cozy feeling that comes with the season. 

Add color in the brown, red and purple range for a great way to make a change in a room with accents or major pieces. 


Fall fashion is the perfect time for layers, why not add layers to your rooms as well. Blankets, pillows, and table settings are all great ways to bring in a layered affect.

This is a great way to bring in those cozy fabrics and earth tones as well. 

Nature Inside - Autumn Interior Design Trends 2021

Nature... Inside

Bringing a bit of the outside, in, is great for your health and it looks beautiful too. While plants are an easy way to have a bit of nature in your home, this can also extend to using natural fabrics and lighter window covers to enhance your natural lighting. 

Whatever way you bring a bit more nature inside, you’ll likely see better moods and health all around.

There are many fun ways to bring autumn trends into your home this year. Mix and match. Pull in a few of your favorites. Or be a trend setter and do your own thing. Whatever you choose, we hope your fall home is fantastic!

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