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Sweat Equity – Kitchen Makeover

Whether you’re a first time home owner or have owned several homes over the years, you have likely heard your realtor mention the golden term “sweat equity”. This refers to the work you the homeowner can achieve without the expense of a crew, rather, at the simple use of ones hands. The beauty of sweat equity is you keep a lot more money in your pocket. Yes, the work is exhausting, overwhelming and body ailing, but when you are all finished the rewards are endless. The homeowner we will showcase today knew sweat equity was the only option on a … Continue Reading →

Home Office Makeover

Monday will be a whole lot happier if your office is a happy place to be. Now that fall has trickled in, and the calendar is getting a bit lighter, perhaps you can spend time wisely this weekend pampering your home office. Seriously, spoil yourself you’ll be more productive. The Pezzo Bello design team has established offices in almost every house we have designed. Offices at home are absolutely necessary in a virtual world. Think about it, more often than not we are all working from home at least one day out of the week. So we say why not … Continue Reading →

Shades Of Grey Project

This was our very own Shades of Grey project. This home is a 1999 build in the northland. The original colors were pea green and the carpet was a taupe shag. The owners painted the walls at time of move to a Sherwin Williams grey,re-painted all the trim work and replaced the main windows. Last year, Pezzo Bello helped in the renovation of the homes master bathroom, main eating area and entertainment space. The home received all new carpet, tile, light fixtures, countertops and faucets throughout. There are still new projects on the horizon for these homeowners and we are … Continue Reading →

Project Profile: Phase One – Color Me Happy

We love our job so much, and are so grateful to all the wonderful people we have had an opportunity to work with. Sometimes we have so much fun at this thing called work, we have to pinch ourselves.  This project was one of those “I’m living the dream” projects.  Our clients were so much fun to work with. Every client calls us for varying reasons; “I have no time, but want my house in order”, or, “our home is a little too neutral and decision making gets too overwhelming,” or simply,” I’m stumped can you help?” In this case, … Continue Reading →

You Know If You’re An Eclectic Genius…

The world of an eclectic design guru is colorful, inspiring, notable and meaningful. There is no committed  box to place an eclectic decor fanatic, because they genuinely love it all. An eclectic personality derives inspiration from all different sources. They do not hone in on one particular reference. These individuals often uncover meaning and value in several different pieces.  If you were to visit a home of an eclectic personality you are likely to hear many attention-grabbing stories behind each treasured piece throughout their home. This style may appear to be chaos to some, but it may also be an … Continue Reading →

You Might Be a Classic Traditionalist If:

Some people like their homes to be proverbial, warm and luxurious.  These people might define themselves as classic traditionalist.  People who truly appreciate the simplicity and complexity of classic design in all its glory.  Does this sound like you? Find out if you’re a classic traditionalist by taking our short picture quiz below. Which of the below lines are you most drawn to? A. Traditional Rugs by Ivy Furniture and Accessories Charlotte and Ivy B. Eclectic Table Linens C. Traditional Kids Bedding Which of the below paintings is most attractive? A. Modern Originals And Limited Editions by San Francisco Artists … Continue Reading →

You Might Be A Minimalist If…

You Might Be a Minimalist If So are you a minimalist? Find out below in our You Might Be a Minimalist Quiz. When choosing tile for the front entry of your house you’re most likely to choose which pattern? Veined marble Linear patterned porcelain Textured slate or Faux painted ceramic You have several exceptional family heirlooms; you’re most like to choose what to display these items? Your great grandmothers antique armoire The built in art wall designed by your architect for your house A bookcase You are attending your cities most prominent art gallery. This month’s work showcases a young … Continue Reading →

Inspire Us_Italy_Texture

Italy is full of inspiring architecture. We found what inspired us the most were all the beautiful textures. There were no surfaces left unfinished. It was as if every centimeter of every square foot was carefully considered in detail. This made for a continuous experience in every direction; each new corner was a masterpiece all its own. There is no reason why you couldn’t encompass the same experience in your own home. Start looking at your home as your masterpiece; a place to articulate your story well and with great pride. A good book can go from good to great … Continue Reading →

Inspire Us_Italy 2013 Doing a Lot With a Little

There is no doubt the Europeans look at us Americans as if we are crazy space hogs. We drive large gas guzzling cars, have homes the size of their nicest hotels and have food storage at home more grand than their supermarkets. It is true, the majority of Europeans live in spaces no larger than our garages; their workshops sometimes no larger than our dinning room, yet the production of quality goods from these small spaces can arguably the best we have experienced. We were in awe of the abilities of the Europeans to turn out quality goods from such … Continue Reading →

Inspire Us_Italy 2013

We are thrilled to be back in the beautiful country of U.S.A. Our travel to Europe was magnificent full of history, inspiring culture and exposure to fresh ideas. We took a lot of pictures; found endearing design inspiration; met incredible people and we are ready to share it all with you! Our blog entries this month will be all about incorporating Roman and Greek architecture into your space. Our observation of European culture is sure to intrigue and inspire the way you look at your surroundings. Ready set here we go! No trip to Europe is complete without visiting all … Continue Reading →