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Organization Archives - Pezzo Bello Interiors Blog

Get Organized – Kitchen Organization

Big or small, your kitchen can become a mess quickly. Without good organization, it is easy to make a large cabinet seem small. But with good kitchen organization, even the smallest cabinet can fit more than you ever thought possible. Enjoy these tips and ideas to get you started using your space more wisely in your kitchen. As always, take out everything, trash anything expired, donate anything you won’t use and organize the rest. Once you know what you have, the easier it will be to know how to organize it all.   As with any room, what works for … Continue Reading →

Get Organized – Closet Organization

Another place many people use as a catch all area; the closet. A closet never seems to be big enough for all the stuff needing storage, however, with a little time and effort, you can make your closet work for you. Here are some great ideas to get you started. As with the other rooms, take everything out, go through each item and take an inventory. In your closet, the golden rule is, if you didn’t wear it in the last year, toss it or re-purpose it. We highly recommend Threads to help you through this process. If you can … Continue Reading →

Get Organized – Garage Organization

It’s the catch-all, the place that those things you don’t need for a while get tossed until you “find a better home” for them. Yes, it’s the garage. There’s a place for your cars, a place for the trash and a place for everything else! This is the hardest place to keep clean and organized, but we’ve got some great tips and ideas to help you get started. There are too many other great options for organizing your garage. Check out our Pinterest board for more great organizing ideas.

Getting Organized – Lets Get Crafty

A craft room, sewing room, scrapbooking room, etc., whatever you choose call it, can get quite messy. With the many small items, large items and everything in between, how do you keep your craft area clean and organized or just plain under control? It’s not easy but here are some great tips for getting started. As usual, start your organizing by going through everything you have, grouping similar items, getting rid of those things you don’t need, and taking an inventory. Once you have your inventory, you will have a better idea of what methods will work best for storage. … Continue Reading →

Getting Organized – Office Organization

It’s National Clean Off Your Desk Day. What better day to start all that office organization you’ve been putting off doing? If you are feeling overwhelmed, here are some advice that may help you get started! As with any other area you are organizing, be sure you go through everything and take an inventory. Once you know what you have, here are some items that will help you get your items organized and easy to find.     Your office is really a work in progress. Make sure it is always working for you and you are keeping your items … Continue Reading →

Getting Organized – Bathroom Organization

Whether it’s your guest bath, master bath, kids bath or pool bath; bathroom organization can be both useful and beautiful. Cabinet storage and hidden items keep those eye-sores out of view but easy to access. While the items that make the room feel cozy and warm, like towels and decorative soaps can make your bathroom more beautiful when done strategically. Here are some tips to help with your bathroom organization. Lets start with cabinet storage. This is a great place to store your extra bottles of shampoo and body wash, hair supplies, curling iron, blow dryer and anything else that … Continue Reading →

Getting Organized – 5 Tips for Organization Preparation

Clutter and mess can easily sneak up on all of us, so it’s no wonder getting organized is the second most popular new year’s resolution. Many of us have at least a few rooms we wish were more organized. Maybe it’s your kitchen, your office, a kid’s room or your whole house. Whatever room(s) you are interested in organizing, here are a few tips that work for every room in your house.   View image | gettyimages.com List Your Goals This may be on paper or in your head, but know what your goal is before you step into the … Continue Reading →

5 Storage Solutions for Your Child’s Bedroom

Every kid’s room deserves at least a few toys included. The question becomes, how do you make that storage look nice, while still making it easy to access for your child? Here are a few tips for using storage that works with your room design. 1. Toy Box Toy boxes are great, fun additions to the room. They can be stand alone or built ins. The nice thing about toy boxes is they come in many shapes and sizes and can work well in any room. Add a decal or paint and you can make your own unique addition to … Continue Reading →

Back in Session – Homeschool Classroom Design

August is upon us, summer is coming to an end and school teachers everywhere are preparing their classrooms for another exciting year. This summer we had the pleasure of designing a homeschool classroom for a family just starting their homeschool journey. With a small budget and big ideas we started the project. The room was initially used as a playroom, so the colors were bright and fun, which we decided to keep as they were. They were in need of organization and space planning, as well as the decor to match their studies this year. These are the initial photos: … Continue Reading →

Making Space – Kitchen Organization

It seems we never really have enough space, especially in the kitchen. With all the fun gadgets and accessories, in addition to you normal, everyday essentials, space fills up very quickly! This is precisely why kitchen organization is so important. It’s amazing what organization can do in your cabinets and pantries. The most important aspect of organization, is the plan. Without a plan you will likely buy too many items, not enough items, or not the best items for the space. Take an inventory of what your staples (those items you almost always have in the kitchen), take a look … Continue Reading →