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Kitchen Archives - Pezzo Bello Interiors Blog

Baking in the Kitchen – National Pi Day

This Saturday is Pi day. Since math is not our favorite subject we are taking Pi Day to mean a great excuse to bake (or just eat) pie! Anyone with us? For some people baking a pie is a chore or can cause some definite mood swings. For others it’s relaxing and fun. While many prefer to buy the pie at the store or restaurant! Whatever way you handle your baking, a fresh pie can make any mood brighter. The smells, the taste, the altogether greatness of a pie can pick you up and make you smile! We personally love … Continue Reading →

Personal Chef Day – Beautiful Dinnerware to Accent Your Perfect Meal

It’s National Personal Chef Day. For those of you with a personal chef, take some time to thank them offer them an appreciation gift. For those of us without the luxury of a personal chef, this is a day for dreaming of an amazing chef in our kitchen preparing an elegant meal for our family. Whether you have a personal chef or your dreaming of the day when you will, your dinnerware can make a big statement in the elegance of any meal. Make your dinner an occasion, with beautiful dishes to display the hard work that went into your … Continue Reading →

Get Organized – Kitchen Organization

Big or small, your kitchen can become a mess quickly. Without good organization, it is easy to make a large cabinet seem small. But with good kitchen organization, even the smallest cabinet can fit more than you ever thought possible. Enjoy these tips and ideas to get you started using your space more wisely in your kitchen. As always, take out everything, trash anything expired, donate anything you won’t use and organize the rest. Once you know what you have, the easier it will be to know how to organize it all.   As with any room, what works for … Continue Reading →

Bring the Kitchen Outdoors – Outdoor Kitchen Inspiration

Spring is finally in the air and all we can think about is spending more time in the sunshine! If you love to spend time outdoors, why not create a backyard oasis to enjoy that much deserved downtime. There are many aspects to making your outdoors comfortable and inviting; kitchen, pool/hot tub, garden, play area, etc. We will discuss all of these in depth in a series of blog posts. Lets start with the kitchen. What would make cooking so much better… fresh air and sunshine, of course. So step out of your cramped kitchen and enjoy the outdoors while … Continue Reading →

Making Space – Kitchen Organization

It seems we never really have enough space, especially in the kitchen. With all the fun gadgets and accessories, in addition to you normal, everyday essentials, space fills up very quickly! This is precisely why kitchen organization is so important. It’s amazing what organization can do in your cabinets and pantries. The most important aspect of organization, is the plan. Without a plan you will likely buy too many items, not enough items, or not the best items for the space. Take an inventory of what your staples (those items you almost always have in the kitchen), take a look … Continue Reading →

Brighten it up! Kitchen Lighting!

As with so many things in your home, lighting options are endless. When making a decision on your kitchen lighting, make sure you take the rest of the area into consideration. Be sure that it all works well together and you are getting the amount of light you need. Placement is also a major consideration. Do you need pendant lights over the kitchen island or counter? What type of light would be best over your kitchen table? While you ponder those questions, here are a few of our favorite lighting options. Pendant Lighting: Chandeliers: And of course some of our … Continue Reading →

Mangiamo – Let’s Eat – Kitchen Table Decor

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and those snacks in between; your kitchen eating area is a major part of your kitchen. We’ve got your prep and cooking areas taken care of, lets move to your kitchen table. Your kitchen table can be beautiful on all occasions. Mealtime can be a great time to use a beautiful tablecloth or placemats and your favorite dinnerware and flatware. Between meals is a great time to make your table a display area. Centerpieces are a great way to make a statement. The addition of placements, runners, tablecloths and napkins can take your table decor to the … Continue Reading →

Decorate the Kitchen

You’ve got your flooring, backsplash and counters decided on. Now it’s time to get decorating your kitchen. Your kitchen decor includes everything from your appliances to your dishes and accessories. Here are a few of our favorite ideas for your kitchen decor.     And some of our favorite products. Red Delights La Pavoni Espresso/Cappucino Machine Safari Dinnerware Harlequin Glasses Martellato Stainless Flatware Aqua Diamante Bowl Our store is constantly growing, so check in often to find those perfect additions to your kitchen. If you need some direction and help from our team, contact us today and make your ordinary … Continue Reading →

Counting on the Countertops

Kitchen counters are another great place to show some personality and beauty. From simple to abstract; countertop options are abundant. Like your backsplash, countertops need to work with the rest of your kitchen design but are a great place to have some fun as well. Today we will be focusing on the different options for kitchen countertops. Laminate – The most basic countertop available, although now with many different colors and patterns it gives many options for a small budget. Be sure to be careful with laminate as it is prone to scratches and sometimes staining. Modern Kitchen by Seattle … Continue Reading →

Making a Splash in the Kitchen

Your kitchen backsplash can be anything from a focal point to almost unnoticeable. There is an abundance of materials, colors, and styles to choose from allowing you to choose unlimited combinations. For some, this can be an overwhelming decision. Before we begin, and throughout the process, consider the surrounding areas in your kitchen. You want to be sure your backsplash works with the rest of the design scheme. Flooring, cabinets, countertops, even your appliances will help determine the route you go when picking your backsplash design. With that in mind here are some other things to consider! Make a Statement … Continue Reading →