Relish the Beautiful Weather – Our Outdoor Furniture Guide

Summer is here. Flowers are in bloom. The sun is shining. Pools are open. It’s that wonderful time of year where sitting outside and basking in the warmer weather is on our mind.

If you are looking to make your backyard come to life, now is the time to do it! Make the most of your summer with an outdoor area that works for you! Our guide can help you find your way, or call us to set up a consultation, and we’ll do the work for you!

Whatever you decide, start by assessing your outdoor space. Decide on the ideal use for the area you have. Do you want to use your space for relaxing and socializing? Dining? Entertaining? Is there a pool? The list could go on and on; the bottom line is, be sure you know how you will be using your space. This will help you make the space work for your vision.

Follow our guide to choosing furniture and decor to make sure you get what you want.


Are you looking to have family and friends sit back, relax and talk up a storm. Then you will definitely want furniture that allows for easy conversation. This can be done many different ways. One of the more common options is an outdoor patio table and chairs. This can be a great use of limited space. It is dual purpose; sit relax and enjoy the company and/or cookout and eat your delicious meal. Because it is a table, drinks and dinnerware are easily placed with no need for other smaller tables crowding the area.

Another option would be a sofa setup. This allows for comfort and beauty. Because you will be having a conversation, be sure your sofas are setup in a logical manner so that it is easy to see everyone and talk without turning around or straining their neck. Sofas come in many different shapes, sizes and combinations, making it easy to create a unique style to fit your personality. Make sure to have end tables near the sofas so that everyone can set drinks, phones, food, etc. down close to their seat.

outdoorcoucharea2 outdoor couch seating

Chairs are a great alternative to the sofa or large table options. Chairs can be moved with ease and are great to set around a fire pit or smaller outdoor coffee table. Many times they will take up less space and the arrangement can be altered to fit the mood and company. There are many options for chairs as well, letting you personalize the look and feel completely.


And of course, you can always do a combination of the options. Just be sure everything works well together and heights and sizes are compatible.


The simplest way to create a dining space is to choose a outdoor patio table with chairs. Like we mentioned above, this works well in smaller areas with limited space for furniture. Because it can be used before, during or after a meal. It is a simple combination of conversation area and eating area. There is less furniture so it takes up much less space than a sofa or large chairs making it ideal in smaller areas. But can easily be combined with other furniture in a larger area.


Another option is an outdoor kitchen bar. This works well with an existing outdoor kitchen. It makes serving a breeze and many times adds prep space to the kitchen. Combining the kitchen and eating area saves space in smaller outdoor space or can be combined well with other furniture in larger areas. Outdoor bar stools add the final touch of personality.

Pool Lounging:

If you have a pool area, it is important to have a setup that allows enjoyment of the surroundings. Most pools have loungers that allow a place to sit and relax before and after swimming. Placing these around the pool can help with flow and overcrowding in one area. You can also add some tables and chairs to give your pool area some variation.


Make sure you do not overcrowd the area, you need room to walk around the pool without falling in or tripping. Pools can be dangerous if adequate space is not provided.


Once you have the furniture in place, add your accessories. Here are some ideas on what you may need to complete the area.

  • Umbrellas
  • Plastic dinnerware, servingware, utensils and drinking glasses
  • Outdoor table decorations
  • Tablecloths, placemats and napkins
  • Flowers
  • Ice buckets/coolers
  • Candles

Now sit back, relax and enjoy your oasis!


Your Design Style, Traditional!

What is you Design Style?  Today, Blog #2 in this style series is Traditional.  Let’s see if this is where you feel most comfortable.

Traditional style has been popular for centuries and will continue to stay in the forefront of design style for many years to come.  Mostly because of it’s ” handed down” feel. Traditional design is elegant. formal and refined with curved lines and ornate carvings.  Usually, the pieces are  upholstered with mid-tones and muted fabric, simple florals, brocades, stripes or plaids.  Traditional room settings are symmetrical and use classic styling.

Here are a few  pictures of the styles known as Traditional.

18th century English.

A pair of 18th Century Chippendale Mirrors

19th century Neoclassic, as shown below.

19th Century Neoclassic Hotel Room

 French Country, shown here

French Country Kitchen


and Spanish and British Colonial Revival shown in the bench below.

Spanish Colonial Revival Bench

Drapery and curtains are a big part of traditional design.  They are usually a heavy drapery with large cornices or valances and include sheers behind the drapes.

Traditional Swag Drapery

In traditional wall decor, anything old goes!  There are many, many pieces of artwork to choose from but you can make it your own by putting something sentimental on your walls. Take your grandmothers old pieces of let’s say jewelry or your Grandpa’s skeleton keys or tools, build or buy a shadow box to display them in on the wall.  Also, mix in a few antique frames with, maybe, your families old wedding picture, family portrait or even your family tree.  The sky is the limit!

Nate Berkus Old Photo Display

Most of us think about our grandparents furniture when we think of Traditional. It warms our heart to remember the comfort and love that we experienced with our grandparents around the dinner table and in the comfort of their living room.  That is why traditional style will always be around.  There are many furniture manufacturers making beautiful traditional furnishings today.  Some have been around for generations, so if you cannot afford the antique, and you did not inherit your family heirlooms,  you can buy new traditional style furniture and accessories for a lot less to accomplish the same feel.

Let us know if this is where you feel your style is and if you have great memories or pictures of your family furniture.   We would love to see your pieces and hear your stories right here on our blog.  You will also automatically be entered to win a $50.00 gift certificate for any Pezzo Bello Interiors service or product from our store until March 15th!

Antionette King, Owner/Designer
Pezzo Bello Interiors