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Kid Room Design and Inspiration

Get Organized – Closet Organization

Another place many people use as a catch all area; the closet. A closet never seems to be big enough for all the stuff needing storage, however, with a little time and effort, you can make your closet work for you. Here are some great ideas to get you started. As with the other rooms, take everything out, go through each item and take an inventory. In your closet, the golden rule is, if you didn’t wear it in the last year, toss it or re-purpose it. We highly recommend Threads to help you through this process. If you can … Continue Reading →

Our Favorite Design Memories of 2014

At midnight, we say goodbye to 2014. It was a busy, wonderful, creative, fun year for all of us at Pezzo Bello Interiors. In remembrance of our past year, here are a few of our favorite design memories from 2014. The challenging, fun, beautiful bedroom redesign – Tween Beach Bedroom Design The exciting bedroom design just in time for the Royals in the World Series – Kansas City Tween Bedroom Design An outdoor oasis is completed – Beauty in the Backyard And our biggest announcement of the year: The Pezzo Bello Interiors Store got a major facelift – Pezzo Bello … Continue Reading →

Edgy, Sweet, Custom – Teen Bedroom Design Inspiration

The beauty and detriment of being a teen is finding yourself. It’s a rough path with many ups and downs, but we make it through, and are, hopefully, stronger and more confident in the end. A teen bedroom should show off the developing personality of the young adult. Let their interests spark a creative vibe and go with it. The beauty of a teen bedroom is that it can be very edgy and fun or sweet and calming. And this choice is completely different for each teen. Teens definitely need a space of their own, one that they can go … Continue Reading →

Heart of Kansas City – Tween Bedroom Design

When a tween tells you he wants a Kansas City based bedroom complete with Royals, Chiefs, Sporting KC, city buildings and skyline, you take his dream and make it a reality. That’s exactly what we were called to do in our latest design and installation. We started with a simple bedroom and bathroom, that needed a unique transformation. After a meeting with our newest client and his parents, we had some great inspiration to get the ball rolling. With Kansas City as the inspiration, local sports, buildings and some very bright color choices, we took off with the design. Our … Continue Reading →

In BeTWEEN Bedroom Design Inspiration

Moving past the kid stage but not a teenager quite yet. That in between stage, commonly referred to as tween, can be an awkward but exciting time in a kid’s life. Many times this is the stage in life when your child is starting to show a genuine interest in certain activities. The tween bedroom can be more sophisticated than their previous rooms, giving them a feeling of being grownup instead of still a child. Having a place they can go to unwind that fits them is a much needed place in this stage in their life. Let your tween … Continue Reading →

5 Storage Solutions for Your Child’s Bedroom

Every kid’s room deserves at least a few toys included. The question becomes, how do you make that storage look nice, while still making it easy to access for your child? Here are a few tips for using storage that works with your room design. 1. Toy Box Toy boxes are great, fun additions to the room. They can be stand alone or built ins. The nice thing about toy boxes is they come in many shapes and sizes and can work well in any room. Add a decal or paint and you can make your own unique addition to … Continue Reading →

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice – Girls Bedroom Inspiration

From pink and purple, princess and ballet, girls rooms are a fun splash of pizazz. Your girls personality will determine your route in a toddler girls bedroom design. While you are searching for that spark, take a look at some girl bedroom inspiration. Outdoor Tea Party Sometimes a little tea makes the day seem sweeter. Make your girls bedroom into a garden tea party oasis. The tea party set and table should be the center of attention and then decorate with beautiful flowers and butterflies. The great thing about this theme is it can be very colorful and bright or … Continue Reading →

Frogs, Snails and Puppy Dog Tails – Boy Bedroom Inspiration

From sports to dinosaurs and everywhere in between, toddler boy bedrooms can go in a multitude of directions. Their interests can spark some of the best ideas and many times their toys can become their decor as well. You can go bold and over the top, or simple (i.e. easy to change when that phase runs out). Either way, boy bedrooms can be a lot of fun. Here is some inspiration for your boy’s bedroom design. Sports Galore: Focus on one team or a certain sport. You can go as detailed or as simple as you prefer. Either way will … Continue Reading →

Take me to the Beach – Tween Bedroom Redesign

There is nothing like a beach. What if your room were a beach oasis? This was the dream of a beautiful tween girl, we had the pleasure of working with. Her love of dolphins and beach were the inspiration. With her input, our hard work and a bit of surprise we made her dream room become a reality! The transformation started with a meeting and photo session with our eleven year old client. We presented our ideas using a mood board and let her tell us what items she liked best. We also took some initial photos and measurements. After … Continue Reading →