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Project Profile: Phase One - Color Me Happy - Pezzo Bello Interiors Blog

Project Profile: Phase One – Color Me Happy

We love our job so much, and are so grateful to all the wonderful people we have had an opportunity to work with. Sometimes we have so much fun at this thing called work, we have to pinch ourselves.  This project was one of those “I’m living the dream” projects.  Our clients were so much fun to work with.

Every client calls us for varying reasons; “I have no time, but want my house in order”, or, “our home is a little too neutral and decision making gets too overwhelming,” or simply,” I’m stumped can you help?”

In this case, our client was at a standstill, not knowing what to do with her new home “Blank Canvas.” Shopping for décor and committing to a style was so confusing for her.  So she decided to call on the PB team for help.

Neutral is comfortable and easy.  We love neutral too, but neutral does not always mean grey, tan and white.  Approaching neutral with a different eye can eliminate the color hurdle.  It’s easier to wear our color versus commit to it in our home. After all, you do have to live with the color you choose every day, but with clothing you can make a choice of what color to wear every day.  While clothing pigments are often rich and deep, home decor is commonly more reserved.  Therefore, when you approach home color, look at a muted version of the colors you love most.  For instance, pick a soft yellow over a vibrant yellow.




Selecting subdued color is a safe, fool proof way to bring pigment into your home without being too flamboyant.

In this particular scheme, our homeowner wanted to remain modest with color introduction.  Therefore, we chose to work with muted yellow, light charcoal grey with subdued blue and green. The space retained its comfortable appeal, while the integration of a gentle color reinforced its personality.  It was a huge success, and our customer finally has the space she had longed for, but couldn’t quite achieve alone.  We are thrilled to have successfully helped express her personality in her home.  We can hardly wait to move on to the next phase.

This is phase one of a multiple phase project.  Enjoy!




Mindy Wall Home 008

Mindy Wall Home 009

Mindy Wall Home 011AFTER
Mindy Wall After 001

Mindy Wall After 003

Mindy Wall After 004

Mindy Wall After 008

Mindy Wall After 013

Mindy Wall After 014

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